Distinctly Different Seating

Surprisingly comfortable and strangely light, this sofa is so detailed it looks just like the leather it was moulded from. Whether you want your garden to stand out from the neighbours’ or you want impress the customers at your bar or hotel, give them something that is so unique it will keep them talking for a long time. The concrete sofa is a beautiful fit for any area.


The finish of the concrete is so fine it takes on the texture from the mould and looks almost identical to leather. There will be lines from the mould around the back and sides, there will also be some small air holes on the surface and it may have fine cracks in places. This is normal for concrete and in no way affects the strength of the final piece. The sofa can safely be kept outside in all weathers without any risk of concrete spalling.


Welded from a choice of steels. There are two options for the stand. Standard and the Box Stand. The Box Stand is for use on soft ground such as sand. It also allows the sofa to be securely attached to a hard surface for display in a public place.


The sofa can be made in any colour. Choose from a wide range of standard colours or request a custom colour. You can view the standard colours here: COLOURS They represent the most popular selection.


It's provided sealed but might need a wash once a year before summer if it's kept outside. There are holes drilled in the lowest points so that most water will drain out. These might needed cleared every so often.

Technical Information

  • GFRC with stainless steel stand.
  • Total Height 80CM (31.5 Inches)
  • Width 161CM (63.4 Inches)
  • Depth 81CM (31.8 Inches)
  • Weight: 100 - 130kg (220 - 286lbs)
  • Colour: See Colour Guide

Shipping and Delivery

Plan for an order to be ready for shipping about six weeks from the order date. Shipping times and rates will vary from country to country. The sofa is shipped on an oversize pallet and the full weight is about 150KG. Rates can be quite reasonable.


Meet the Maker

I'm Ewan and I operate FourEightEight from a small workshop just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. It took a long time and a lot of hard work to create this beautiful piece. I'm very happy with the results and I'm sure you will be too!

A list of things that Ewan likes in no particular order:

  • Concrete
  • Design and Architecture
  • Good Beer
  • Gadgets

Picture of Ewan Allan owner of FourEightEight at Stirling Castle

Do you have any questions or just want to chat?

I'm happy to answer any queries or even just talk about concrete being the awesome material that it is. If you need any advice or samples, send me an email to I'll be happy to help!  

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